Welcome to CIC Madurai Province

Welcome to CIC Madurai Province

The total welfare of the people is our goal. To achieve this goal we plan to involve fully conducting programmes and animation activities to make the people develop spiritually (God-fearing people), socially (concern for each other), pastorally (rooted in Christian faith) and economically (become self-sufficient). We are also concentrating on the education of the poor and orphan children; taking up pro awareness awareness that they may know well …

Our Beginnings

The Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, Madurai had its beginning at Panjampatty, a village in Dindigul District, in late 19th century. The first 7 sisters of Our Congregation entered the Noviciate on 2 July 1911. On 19 Jan 1993 the Congregation was raised to Pontifical Right by His Holiness Saint Pope..

Our Horizons

The CIC Madurai Province has been rendering its ministry in the States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, in 6 Dioceses (Madurai, Dindigul, Tiruchirappalli, Chennai-Mylapore, Pondicherry, and Shimoga), with 40 communities. At present there are 203 Sisters in the Province. The Province undertakes ministry in education..

Our Journey

Following the footsteps of Mary Immaculate with the vision imbibed by our Founder(s) we head towards the realisation of “the building up of the broken community” with commitment, involvement, and dedication. Each day we strive for the better. We attract the young girls who will be incorporated into the Province..


Monthly Recollection

The total welfare of the people is our goal. To achieve this goal we plan to involve fully conducting pro

News & Events

Covid-19 Relief Work

During the Covid-19 pandemic our Sisters fasted to show solidarity with the suffering masses of our country.

February 17 2021

Damien Illam Entrance Building

To mark the 50 th anniversary of the inception of Damien Illam, Nilakkottai

February 17 2021

Renovated Convent – Karungulam

Karungulam is one of the first mission stations of our Congregation (estd. 1912). The renovated convent at Karungulam was opened on 8 January

January 8 2021

From Provincial’s Desk

It indeed gives me immense joy to welcome you to the e-forum of CIC Madurai Province, a forum, where we inspire, interact, and instruct. 

‘To Build up the Broken Humanity’ is the mission of our Province.